Dover to calais - travel from dover to calais on a ferry, train, coach

Travelling from Dover to Calais

dover to calais

Whether you choose to travel by Ferry, Le shuttle, Eurostar or even by coach Dover to wants to help you choose the most convenient and cheapest way of crossing the channel. Click on the main menu for details of all the cross channel services.

Dover to Calais shopping

Dover to will also help you with your shopping in Calais by providing information such as directions, opening hours and much more on all the major supermarkets and hypermarkets available in Calais. Visit our calais shopping tips section for some vital information before your visit to france.

Dover to Calais map

Find a selection of Maps of Calais to help you organise your trip to France. Easily locate a hypermarket with the Hypermarkets calais or if you find yourself hungry there is a Map of restaurants in calais . Also available, a Road map of calais to help you when you are driving and a Street map of calais if you decide to walk

Dover to Calais history

Going from Dover to Calais has been the most popular route to cross the channel for many years. The presence of massive supermarkets such as Tesco calais, Sainsbury calais, Carrefour calais, Auchan calais and Cité Europe calais offering fine wine and beer has contributed to the popularity of the Dover Calais route enormously. If you decide to "fill your boot" don't forget to check what you can bring back as there are some rules. Check our customs information

Driving from Calais to the South of France 

If you are driving from Calais to the south of France it is very likely you will need to stop along the way for a well-deserved rest. Make the most of your holiday and stopover for a night in this charming bed and breakfast near Reims called La-Besace. Perfectly located, you will be able to recharge your batteries and enjoy some delicious homemade food.

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