Calais shopping tips

Calais shopping tips

calais shopping tips

So you have decided to cross the channel and are ready to go on a shopping spree in calais. Below is a list of tips which hopefully will help you prepare your journey and make the most of your trip.

Bring a dictionary with you

It may sound silly but this might turn out to be very helpful. Despite most of the shops in calais displaying everything in english you never know what is aroud the corner.

The 1 Euro coin

This one is an absolute must as it is needed in all supermarket trolleys in france.


You might want to check our Maps of Calais section to help you locate the main supermarkets in calais

Pre order before you go

Tesco calais and Sainsbury calais offer a pre ordering service which will save you a lot of time.

It's not all about wine

If you want to bring some fresh food think about bringing an ice box as the journey back will take some time.

Overloaded car

15 kg for a case of wine, 17 kg for a case of beer and 22kg for a case of champagne. Don't buy too much and check your maximum aloowed load

Don't drink and drive

Wine tasting is widely available in all wine dealers and supermarkets in calais so make sure you are not over the allowed limit when you drive back to the UK as only 50mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood is allowed when you are behind the wheel in france.