Channel tunnel crossing. Get on le shuttle or Eurostar for your channel tunnel crossing trips.

Channel tunnel crossing

channel tunnel crossing

Channel tunnel crossing has become extremely popular since the opening of the tunnel in 1994 and crossing the channel tunnel now represents a third of the traffic between France and Britain.
There are two ways of crossing the channel tunnel. One is by Eurostar trains and the other one is Le shuttle

Channel tunnel crossing: Eurostar vs Le shuttle

Le shuttle provides a train service carrying cars and lorries with their passengers between Folkestone and Calais while Eurostar trains offer a passenger service only between London, Ashford and Calais Lille Paris, Brussels And Eurodisney.

Channel tunnel crossing journey details

Channel tunnel crossing journey time is around 35 minutes on Le shuttle and it will take you two to three hours on Eurostar if you’re boarding in London and going to Paris. Le shuttle runs 24 hours a day , 365 days a year with at least one service per hour through the night.
Eurostar’s first train is at 5.00 in the morning with the last departure between 07:00 And 08:00 PM depending of the time of year.

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