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Cité Europe calais

cite europe calais

Cite Europe Calais is a very big shopping mall conveniently located 4kms from calais and has around 250 shops to choose from including carrefour calais supermarket. A paradise for serious shoppers, Cité Europe Calais is easily accessible and has a free car park. It has become so popular with british shoppers 3 hotels have been built next to it (Ibis hotel, Etap Hotel et un SuitHotel). Nearby is Carrefour calais, Sainsbury calais, Tesco calais and Auchan calais. Happy shopping!

Cité Europe Calais opening hours

Monday to Thursday from 10:00am to 8:00pm
Friday to Saturday from10:00am to 9:00pm
Sunday: closed

Cité EuropeCalais address

1001, boulevard du Kent
62902 Coquelles Cedex

Cité Europe Calais Telephone

tel: 00 33 - (0)3 21 46 47 48
fax: 00 33 - (0)3 21 85 21 10

Direction to Cité Europe calais

From the channel tunnel
Straight on to A16, Direction Calais Centre, Exit Junction 14 or Direction Boulogne, Exit Junction 12. Follow signs for cité europe.

cité europe calais map from the chunnel tunnel

From the Ferry
Join the A16 and follow signs for Boulogne. Leave the A16 at Junction 12. Follow the signs for cité europe.

cité europe map from the ferry terminal title=
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