Coach to calais - timetable and fare guide

Coach to calais timetable and fare guide

coach to calais

Up to 15 years ago travelling to Calais by coach was very popular. Until the channel tunnel was built.
Since then competition between Ferry operators and Channel tunnel crossing operators became fierce resulting in a price war.

Nowadays you can drive your car through the Channel tunnel or board a Ferry for very little money, making coach travelling to Calais almost a thing of the past.

For very small budgets however and people who do not have a car, travelling by coach remains a serious option. Prices are as low as ever.

The main coach operator is Eurolines and cover the London Calais route. Eurolines tickets are very cheap. A return journey from London to Calais will cost you as little as £25.00.

You can hop over to France on a coach for the day for some serious Shopping in Calais at Cité Europe. There you will find over 200 French boutiques and supermarkets offering unbeatable prices.

Jump on a Eurolines coach up to 9 times a day at victoria station for may other destinations and buy a eurolines ticket to paris, amsterdam, dublin...