Ferry channel crossing- cheap ferry tickets for crossing the channel

Dover to Calais by ferry

ferry channel crossing

Ferry channel crossing remains a very popular way of going to Calais, particularly for channel-shoppers who have been crossing the channels on a regular basis in search of good value wine beer and cigarettes

Ferry channel crossing operators

There are several ferry companies covering the Dover to Calais route, P&O, and Sea France being the most popular ones. Crossing the channel on a conventional ferry takes about 90 minutes. All ferry operators on the dover to calais route carry cars and foot passengers.

You can drive straight off the ferry on to the motorway from Calais port, which will take you directly to all the main supermarkets where you can do all your Shopping in Calais.

P&O, offers services around the clock and all year round on the Dover to Calais route. As many as 12 million day-trippers choose ferry channel crossing over Channel tunnel crossing every year making it the people’s favourite choice when travelling to France.

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