Shopping in calais: best value shopping in Calais for wine beer and cigarettes.

Shopping in Calais

shopping in calais

Shopping in calais has long held an appeal for British day-trippers in search of fine French wine beer and food. Despite duty free goods being abolished by the European single market, shopping in Calais has remained as popular as ever.

Shopping in calais for food and wine

The quality of food as well as wine combined with a strong pounds still makes Calais a favourite destination for shopping.

Shopping in calais, a few numbers

Over 20 millions ferry passengers go through the French ports every year amongst which 12 million are day trippers visiting the popular hypermarkets such as Tesco calais, Sainsbury calais, Auchan calais, Carrefour calais, and Cité Europe calais.

Shopping in calais and the channel tunnel

The construction of the Channel tunnel has also contributed to the rise in the number of visitors to the continent. With a 35 minutes crossing time, Channel tunnel crossing has become a very popular choice.

So for your shopping in Calais it’s either Ferry channel crossing or Channel tunnel crossing The choice is yours.

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