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Tesco Calais

tesco calais

Following difficult market conditions Tesco Calais no longer operates and has closed its Calais store.

Tesco Calais is one of the biggest hypermarkets in Calais. A wide selection of wine beer and spirits are available at a low cost with promotions running on a weekly basis. Tesco Calais offers you the option to leave your shopping (wine beer etc...) in the supermarket to be picked up later. Tesco Calais is not the only supermarket where you can find great deals on wine and beer, Carrefour calais, Auchan calais, Sainsbury calais also offer excellent shopping value. "Happy shopping!"

Tesco Calais address

1001, boulevard du Kent
62902 Coquelles Cedex

Tesco Calais Telephone

Tel : (33) 3 21 46 47 48

Tesco Calais Opening hours

Monday to Saturday from 8:30am to 10:00pm
Sunday: closed

Direction to Tesco Calais

from the ferry
Take the A16 motorway direction BOULOGNE and come out at junction (Sortie) 12 or 14, where you can easily follow the signs to Tesco calais.

from Eurotunnel
Simply follow the sign to cité Europe

Tesco Calais map

Tesco calais map